Doug Adams Gallery

The Doug Adams Gallery at the Badè Museum is a unique modern art space showcasing work from outside artists as well as artists from the GTU community. The gallery is named in memory and honor of Doug Adams, PSR professor of Christianity and the arts for 31 years. As the founder of the Center for the Arts, Religion and Education (CARE), Adams believed in the power and ambiguity of art to help formulate healthy, inclusive religious communities.

Today that belief is being put into practice by opening a dialog between ancient artifacts and modern art through a partnership between the Doug Adams Gallery and the Badè Museum. Through these two mediums of visual and material culture, visitors are able to chart expressions of spirituality, group identities, and lived experiences that transcend over 2,000 years of history and yet are applicable to our own lives.

We encourage you to visit the Doug Adams Gallery website for more information about upcoming exhibitions and related lectures, panels, and course collaborations.