Lecture by Dr. Caroline Blyth on Friday, September 26th 5:30 pm

We are excited to invite you to our fall lecture! Dr. Caroline Blyth, lecturer in Hebrew Bible and Hebrew language from the University of Auckland, New Zealand, will speak on "La femme fatale par excellence? Encountering Delilah in popular culture." We are delighted to present this lecture in conjunction with Pacific School of Religion's own Center for Lesbian and Gay Studies in Religion and Ministry and the Graduate Theological Union’s Women’s Studies in Religion program. Join us on Friday, September 26th, at 5:30 pm in the Badè Museum gallery, with a reception to follow.

Please see the abstract below for more information:

Over the centuries, the name Delilah has become synonymous with that most infamous cultural icon – the femme fatale. This biblical character has sashayed across canvas, stage, and screen looking every inch the ‘fatal woman’ – seductive, exotic, irresistible…and deadly. But is this really how she is portrayed to us in the biblical narrative of Judges 16? In this lecture, I will take a closer look at the many ambiguities surrounding Delilah in the biblical text, tracing how these ambiguities have been explored through her numerous afterlives in film, art, and music. By spending a little time with this fascinating female character, I hope to show that there may be alternative ways of thinking about her and new possible afterlives that we ourselves may imagine for her.